Metropolitan was established in 1981 not far from its present location. Originally, Metropolitan manufactured and installed architectural woodwork and point of purchase displays for many of the national retailers. Its early successes were attributed to its ability to transform complex designs into final three dimensional architectural elements whilst still maintaining the designer’s original intent.

Over the next twenty seven years, the company along with changing market trends evolved to become a preeminent force in the field of premium grade architectural woodwork.

Full In-House Services

Our production, manufacturing, finishing, and installation are all done fully in-house by our team of highly trained professional woodworkers!

Highest Standard Architectural Millwork

Utilizing software-based manufacturing technology, environmental conditions, material inventory, scheduling, and cost control, Metropolitan is prepared to tackle any challenge while installing sophisticated projects with an extremely tight turnaround.

Established in 1981

For many decades, we have been committed to producing premium architectural woodwork while evolving with market trends and maintaining the highest standards.


Metropolitan has successfully designed and completed many projects varying in complexity and scale. The projects featured in our portfolio showcase our full in-house production, manufacturing, finishing, and installation. Every project we take on is completed according to the agreed-upon schedule and budget while maintaining the highest degree of quality. We look forward to demonstrating the capabilities of Metropolitan to you.